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Reactions to Clinton's Book Running The Gamut

June 22, 2004 -- Posted at 9:05 AM CDT

NEW YORK, NY (AP) -- Is it fascinating or boring? The reaction to Bill Clinton's new memoir is running the gamut.

Clinton's former press secretary Joe Lockhart says he thinks the former president's book will make a major contribution to the national dialogue. Lockhart tells N-B-C's ``Today'' show it's a fascinating read that reveals a lot of unknown things about Clinton's early life.

He says, ``It's enough to make a Democrat wake up early.''

Bay Buchanan, head of the conservative-oriented American Cause organization, describes the memoir -- called ``My Life'' -- as boring and too long. Also speaking to N-B-C, she predicts the hype around Clinton's book will help President Bush get out the conservative vote in this year's election.

Buchanan says Clinton is a ``brilliant man'' -- but a ``very flawed person.''

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