JPD Gets New Communication System, Cost $500,000

June 22, 2004 -- Posted at 8:53 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- The Jonesboro City Council is going to spend $500,000 dollars to improve communications for the city's Police Department. But what does that mean for residents of Craighead County?

Coyse Barton is the block captain of her neighborhood watch program. "We don't have a lot of crime over here, our community seems to be pretty quiet, but yes, it's nice knowing that they're going to be here quicker, be able to get to us quicker then they were before."
She's hopes the new communications system jpd is getting will keep her neighborhood safe.
"The way it was, they would call a particular car that might be clear across town, and it would take longer for them to get here. This way they're going to know where they are at all times and get the closest policeman here," said Barton.

It's a computer aided dispatch system and an automatic vehicle locator, two things 911 Director Bob Andrews says will cut down response time.

"When you get that call, it will tell you which officer is closer with the AVL system and forward that call to him, which saves the search for finding that available officer, the system will do it itself," said Andrews.
The new system which should be in place in three to six months will take the place of this written log, a relief to dispatchers who logged close to 250,000 phone calls just last year.

"Once we receive a complaint we can type it into the system, forward it to an officer, and the officer can go work his incident, type the information in on his computer and download it or save it," said Andrews, "OIC can check up on it later, and it's going to save the officer from having to make multiple trips to the police department so he can fill out reports in his car. It's going to be tremendous for the city of Jonesboro."

Don't think the city didn't get a bargain at $500,000 dollars. The new system will be put in place by Relativity Incorporated of Jonesboro, who came in at $350,000 dollars cheaper than all other bids.