Zac Mizell and Dean Gericke will play for USA in Americas Rugby Championship

JONESBORO ( - Zac Mizell is one of a handful of current college players selected to the ARC squad. For him and Arkansas State teammate Dean Gericke, also selected, finagling two-and-a-half weeks away from class took some luck.

"Our teachers are actually really cool about it," said Mizell. "They're letting me submit my work online so I can still go."

This time last year, few college rugby onlookers even knew who Mizell was, but a 7s season and a two-try performance in the DI-A final against BYU later, he's getting his shot to impress the Eagle coaching staff, and it's an opportunity that's snuck up on him.

I didn't get to play that much in the All Americans because I had a concussion for the first game, so I didn't get to show much there," said Mizell. "I was actually surprised that they selected me, but I'm really excited to get to go play international rugby, because it's a level that I've never been at before. It's something I can learn from."