GCT works to open new clothing closet

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Greene County Tech started a clothing closet 13 years ago, when the teachers started to notice the need.  Now in today's world, students are relying on it even more, which has school members leaning on the community for help.
Kids can get into all kinds of things at school.  You think about  accidents at the playground and spilling food in the cafeteria.  With all that can go wrong, the clothing closet helps to keep teachers from interrupting mom or dad at work.  But, they can always use help from you.
"Underwear is like is a brick of gold when it's given to us.  It goes like candy here at the school," said Rebecca Murry, who is the Parent Involvement Coordinator with the Greene County Tech School District.
Underwear is one of those items that's always a need at the Greene County Tech Clothing Closet, along with some things you might not think about like washing detergent and shoe strings.
"It would not function without Paragould.  We get everything donated.  My golden rule is I don't put anything on someone else's child that I wouldn't put on my own child," said Murry.
After the high school moved across town, there's been a lot of shifting.  The Primary School now houses pre-school through first grade.  The Intermediate School students are in a completely different building, a place Murry is working to set up a new "clothing depot."   
"We've ordered shelves that are being put in," said Murry.  She says there are specific needs.  "Shoes, jeans, and so forth.  So every time we have a donation made over here, I make sure to box that up.  That's what these boxes are.  When you walk the halls and you open your eyes and ears and your heart you can see the needs of the students.  I feel like you have to address those needs," said Murry.
Murry says they can also use toddler sizes for the primary school.  She says the program also partners with a local children's consignment shop to help provide money to buy items that you can't take used, like underwear.  Murry hope to have the new clothing closet up and running as soon as possible.
For more information on how you can donate or volunteer contact Rebecca Murry at (870) 236-6439. 
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