Delegates from Mexico tour ASU, possible sister campus in the works

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The governor of Querétaro, Mexico and other delegates and representatives were on the Arkansas State University campus in hopes of establishing a sister campus in Mexico.
With multiple multi-national corporations like General Electric, Bombardier Aerospace and Nestle among others, now located in the state of Querétaro, the possible sister campus would align with the ASU's globalization mission. The sister campus would also allow for research and exchange opportunities for students, faculty and staff. 
Representative for the private conglomerate, Grupo Proyectos, Edmundo Ortiz visited ASU in May in an exploratory process. He said this will be beneficial on all aspects.
"The expenses of the project in Mexico would handle from Mexico. We will support the building, we will support the land, we will provide it," Ortiz told Region 8 News. The campus would be completely self-supporting financially and generate money for ASU-Jonesboro.
Ortiz said this project has been underway for seven years and they're looking forward to a good partnership with ASU.
Governor of Querétaro, Jose Calzada said certain degrees are now in high demand due to a growing industry in his state.
"There is a lot of industry moving over there. We have GE, we have Simmons, we have Bombardier building planes, we have Eurocoptor building helicopters, we have a lot of industry," Calzada said. "A lot of engineers are needed but this will also be a very good option for U.S. students to go to Mexico, get to know our culture, get to know our industry and it will be a link between the cultures."
Calzada said they would like to get started on the sister campus next year.
Region 8 News will keep you updated on the progress of their decisions as they're made.

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