Dangerous Jonesboro Intersection Makes State List

June 24, 2004 -- Posted 5:00 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- Region 8 motorists say it's not a surprise the area of Southwest Drive and Parker Road in Jonesboro is prone to accidents.

"I believe it, because I live down here and I see one about every other day," said one Jonesboro resident.

"That's where I totaled my car Christmas 4 years ago," said another Region 8 resident.

That's not the only accident that's occurred at this intersection.

State Farm Insurance company, which calls itself an advocate of auto and highway safety, has put their motto into action by conducting a study monitoring the safety of intersections across the country.

This intersection in Jonesboro ranks as the top 10 most dangerous in the state. The other 9 are found in Little Rock.

"This is just to let the communities know according to our records where the problems could be," said State Farm Representative Skip Highfill.

This study examines the number of crashes across the state at intersections involving cars insured by State Farm, and it also looks at the severity of the crashes.

"Money was made available by State Farm Insurance to each state to the top 10 of each municipality to make engineering studies," said Highfill.

But that money never made its way to Jonesboro.

According to the State Highway Department, at the time when that funding was to be made available plans were already in motion to make the area a 5 lane highway, and the money wasn't necessary. That construction is currently happening.

Looking on the brighter side, some say this survey could actually mean Jonesboro is headed in the right direction, when you consider it shares a ranking with the State's Capitol.

"I think that's great that Jonesboro would only have one out of the top 10 with the growth that we've experienced, and also it's regional so we have a lot of people that come to Jonesboro and that's always confusing on intersections," said Highfill.