Decomposed Body Found in White County

Friday June 25, 2004 -- Posted at 3:37 p.m. CDT

WARDEN, ARK. -- Two brothers found a man's decomposed body while hunting for arrowheads on a rural road near Worden. Police say it's the second body found on the same path in two years.
The body was partially clothed and the person appeared to have died about two weeks ago. No identification was found on the body. White County Sheriff Pat Garrett said identifying the body will take a while because it was partially decomposed.
The brothers, Eric Hhicks and Tim Surrat, both in their 30s, said they spotted the body yesterday on the uninhabited, dead-end road in White County. They said the body was face down in a patch of saplings about 15 feet from the lane. The two reported the body to the Bald Knob Police Department. The body found there in 2002 has not yet been identified.

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