It's Take Your Pet To Work Day!

June 25, 2004 -- Posted at 3:28 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- After a hard day at work, it's nice to go home to someone you know will always be happy to see's best friend.  But wouldn't it be nice to have that companionship at work? Well, one business in Region 8 decided to lick the dog days of summer by bringing their pooches to work. 

You've heard of bringing your children to work, but bring your dogs?  Well, Friday is the 6th Annual 'Take Your Dog to Work' day and employees at Stuck Associates Architects jumped at the chance to bring their four legged friends to work.

Michelle Wilcox brought her Dalmation "Minnie." She said, "Most of them have enjoyed sitting next to the desk, or walking around in the studio and stuff and playing. We've had zero, hardly any barking and of course we've had a few accidents here and there, but those are easily cleaned up."

Money raised from the event will go to the Humane Society.  Each person paid ten dollars to bring their dog to work and that amount was matched by their employer.  Those who were dog-less were able to 'borrow' pooches that are available for adoption.

Employees at Stuck Associates Architects have a laid back, professional attitude and they say that's part of the reason why raising money for the Humane Society has been so successful.
"It gives us a chance to show off our dogs and show off how good companions they are and hopefully by us having fun with our dogs, it will encourage other people to go and maybe adopt," said Wilcox.
Cat-man Jason Grady says having a dog around has been an experience.  He has a twelve-year-old cat named Madison.
"This is my first day with a dog. I've never had a dog before, just cats. This has been a major learning process for me today, but I've been very impressed," said Grady.
But impressed enough to adopt?
"I never thought that I would want one. But she's cute and I'm kind of getting attracted to her, kind of getting attached. She's really sweet and a lot of fun," said Grady.

The event was sponsored by Pet Sitters International and Iams Dog Food. The employees at Stuck Associates Architects raised $160 dollars during today's event for the Humane Society.