Jonesboro Business Owner Speaks Out About Being Shot

June 25, 2004--Posted at 5:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--"No, I am not really scared," said owner of Bill and Troy's Style & Barber Shop Troy Hafford..

"That is the worst thing you can do is sit back in fear and not live your normal life like you normally would," said Hafford.

What happened to Troy Hafford last Saturday is anything but normal.

Hafford was alone in his family's barber shop around three p.m.

He was in his office when he heard the door open and close when

Troy heard the door open he walked to the front of the store.

He met the intruder right about here.

The intruder demanded money and Troy refused.

That's when the intruder shot him twice: first in the right leg and then in the left leg.

After being shot twice, the intruder then hit Hafford in the head.

"I reached for him to try to hold him for the police, but he was a lot younger and quicker than I was.  He was gone," said Hafford.

Fortunately gone empty handed.

The intruder was unsuccessful in his attempt to rob Troy Hafford.

Now Hafford says it's time to take more precautions.

Troy Hafford has kept a positive attitude through the whole ordeal.

He says he hopes the person who did this to him gets the help he needs.

"People hurt people. It's not the gun's fault. It's the people's fault. You know the ones who did this," said Hafford.

Hafford has received numerous cards and well wishes from all over Jonesboro, and thanks everyone for the care and support.