City council eyes vacant Batesville Country Club property

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) – The Batesville City Council is considering whether or not to buy a prime piece of real estate in the middle of town.

The land in question houses the now defunct Batesville Country Club.

City officials say there is little space left inside city limits to house any new developments, so the city council sees this vacant 72 acres of land as a potentially good investment.

The country club's stockholders recently approached the city to see if it is interested in buying the property.

The property was appraised at more than $2 million, but the council agreed that price is too high.

Councilman Fred Krug says the council held a public hearing last week about this issue, and the response from neighbors was overwhelmingly positive.

"If things line up right, I think it would be a good investment," Krug said, "but then again we got to make sure we don't spend money that will take away from other services."

Krug says the city council will likely revisit the issue at its next meeting. He says the council could agree to make an offer on the property at that time.

Region 8 News will continue tracking this story and provide any updates on the council's decision.

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