Jonesboro Police and Fire Department Team Up With the Red Cross

June 26, 2004--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO --The need for blood is high nationwide.

The Jonesboro Police and Fire Departments are doing their part right here at home to combat the low blood quantity.

The two departments competed in badges and hoses to see which department could raise the most blood.

Now for those of us who have never given blood before, the process really isn't that bad.

Follow along as Bob Draper, from the American Red Cross, takes you through the blood donation process.

Step one "registration and information table where they go and read all about what people must know about giving blood,"said Draper.

"They will come over here to the registration table where the staff will go ahead and plug in their name and address,"said Draper.

You must now show some form of identification when giving blood, if you have a donor card, bring that. If not, a drivers license will work too.

Step number three "this is the medical history area,"said Draper.

"This is where Diane will take my blood pressure and take my iron level  to make sure I am not anemic. She will take my pulse and temperature to make sure it is okay for me to participate,"said Draper.

Now, it's time to get your donor bag, and give blood.

Remember, before you sit down in the chair there are a few things to remember.

Get a good night's sleep before you donate, eat a good breakfast or lunch, and drink plenty of fluids.

"This takes about three to ten minutes, and it's safe, and you have helped save two lives today,"said Draper.

The American Red Cross is always in need of volunteers.

They can do anything from handing out food, to going door to door asking for donations.

Debbie Miller works for the American Red Cross as well.

"People that worked for the Red Cross started as volunteers and found that it was work they loved,"said Miller.

Volunteers say one of the best things about giving blood, is that it only takes a few minutes to save someone's life.