Jonesboro residents celebrate NNO with police, fire & emergency responders

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro community celebrated National Night Out in many locations across Jonesboro on Tuesday night and Jonesboro Police encouraged residents to get out, meet their neighbors and boost crime prevention in their neighborhoods.
Residents who attended the event said that's one of their favorite things about going to NNO.
"Well I think it's a great opportunity to meet your neighbors," Denise Williams told Region 8 News. This was the first time she attended a NNO in Jonesboro.
That's not the case for Donnie O'Connor though. He's attended multiple National Night Out events and said he wishes it would happen more often. "This is something that they should do for Jonesboro a lot," O'Connor said.
Region 8 residents who took part in National Night out at CWL Park at the corner of Cherry and Culberhouse had the same sentiments. Telling Region 8 News they had a good time and they enjoyed getting out to meet their neighbors. Sergeant Lyle Waterworth with the Jonesboro Police Department says, that's what it's all about.
"A chance for people to get out and know their neighbors and to work on crime prevention," Waterworth told Region 8 News.
He said getting to know your neighbors plays a big role in knowing what's going on in your neighborhood.
"If you know your neighbors, you're less likely to have problems with people coming into your neighborhood that don't belong," Waterworth said.
Not only that, but Cara Sullivan with the West End Neighborhood Association said tonight was a good chance for residents to meet their local police, fire and emergency responders and get to know them on a more personal level.
"Really important for everyone in the community to know who's working to help them," Sullivan said.
It's something that residents said make them more comfortable about the community they live in.
"Police officers are the most important people 'cause they help to get rid of crime and help to serve those who need it," Bryana Robinson said.
Williams agreed, telling Region 8 News, "I really do feel safe with the police and everything around here."
There were five national night out locations set up across Jonesboro.
Normally, it's celebrated on August 7th but because of the heat, was pushed back to October.
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