Family of hazing victim is not happy with board decision

WYNNE, AR (WMC-TV) - People in Wynne Arkansas are upset this morning after a school board meeting decided the fate of two students accused of race-based hazing.

The Wynne Arkansas School Board heard from parents of two Wynne High School football players accused of tying a noose around a Black team member's neck before practice last week.

The fireworks started after the board handed down its punishment for the players. A lot of the outrage was because the board voted to expel two junior varsity players for the remainder of the semester rather than the rest of the school year.

That is when anger over the board's decision spilled over into the parking lot. Tensions got so high that police were called to calm the crowd.

We caught up with the 14-year-old victim's family members after the meeting. And one of them could not hide her anger from our cameras. One family member says Wynne Police should have pressed charges following their investigation. But police decided the hazing incident was an issue for the school board.

In addition to the pair of expulsions, five players have already been suspended.

Staff members may face disciplinary action as well for not properly supervising the players.

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