Region 8 Reacts to Iraq's New Control

June 28, 2004--Posted at 7:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--Iraq is now a sovereign government two days ahead of schedule.

This new government will continue picking up the pieces of a shattered country.

The transition of power means the administrative structure of the government will be under complete charge of Iraqi's.

Experts say this new government body has a long road ahead of them with several bumps along the way.

Charles Hartwig is a Political Science Professor at Arkansas State University.

"Americans, outsiders, mercenaries, and Al Quaeda fighters, we have all these groups in a big mess security wise, which is probably the very first and overwhelming task, crucial task, of this new government,"said Hartwig.

For the Iraqi people, the task ahead is a difficult one.

Adjusting to the new government is the first step. Some Iraqi's may disapprove that some of the new leaders were picked by the United States.

"....and in that sense it might be seen as a puppet government,"said Hartwig.

Many speculate security issues as the main reason for the early transition date.

"Everyone would know where they are going to be, everyone would be right out there in the open, they even talked about having Saddam Hussein there in chains, that would have been the perfect opportunity, so it's not that surprising,"said Hartwig.

Emotions were mixed as folks in Region 8 respond to the news the United States handed over power to this new government. One Region 8 resident said, "the sooner they get it back, the sooner they can start running their country the best,"said Chad Stowe.

"We're not here to run their country we're here to help them out,"said Stowe.

Jodi Miller is a Rector resident. She has strong feelings about Iraq, and the new government.

"We are definitely in over our heads, there is no doubt about it. Anyone who has followed this from the beginning knows that, we are definitely in over our heads, and Bush doesn't know what to do about it,"said Miller.