Abundance of flies inside and outside bugging Region 8 residents

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Inside and out, Region 8 residents are dealing with a lot of flies this time of year. Depending on which you're dealing with, you may be able to solve the problem, or you may just have to wait it out.
Inside, many of our viewers seem to be dealing with fruit flies.
"Over time, fruit flies tend to lay eggs on the skin of a fruit," entomologist, Dr. Sanja McKay told Region 8 News. "Larvae will be maturing inside of a banana peel and then after awhile, you'll have adults emerging from a rotten banana." So if fruits are on your grocery list, you may be the one bringing the bugs into your house.
"When you take them home, you put them on your kitchen table, let them sit at room temperature, those eggs will hatch," McKay explained.
While tiny, they're still a nuisance and can be problematic all year round. There is a way to prevent them though.
"Make sure you buy the fruit, that when you do buy it, it doesn't stay for long periods on your kitchen counter, that you're consuming it," McKay said.
If you are already dealing with fruit flies, you can make a solution.
"Take a cup of vinegar... put some cellophane over the top and poke a couple of holes in the top," McKay said. "That will clear up your fruit fly problem."
Fruit fly traps can also be made with vinegar, a vase and a piece of paper rolled up and taped to serve as a funnel.
However some in Region 8 are dealing with the abundance of crane flies outside.
"It's just mother nature at this time of year. They're not blood feeders. A lot of people confuse them with mosquitoes but they're not," McKay told Region 8 News. "So with that in mind, I wouldn't worry whatsoever about the flies outside."
Dr. McKay says these are the flies you'll usually see hanging out in the bushes by your home. But as for getting rid of them, she said you'll likely just have to wait them out. Dr. McKay says the crane flies will soon lay their eggs in the soil where they'll lie dormant for the winter. She said we won't be dealing with the adult flies again until this time next year.
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