Audit sparks investigation in Carter County

CARTERCOUNTY, MO (KFVS/KAIT) – The state of Missouri gave Carter County a poorrating during its last audit, and now a criminal investigation is underway.

Accordingto auditors, county collector Jennifer Clark-Williams cannot explain whathappened to at least $3,817 in property tax receipts. Apparently, the fundswere received but not deposited between Nov. 2010 and Nov. 2011.

Carter County Prosecutor RockyKingree said Clark-Williams resigned Monday, and Clark-Williams told KFVS 12 thecollector's office is looking into what happened to the money, but she cannotcomment further.

RockyKingree says they have almost completed a criminal investigation involving thefunds Clark-Williams cannot account for and are reviewing possible felonycharges.

Meanwhile, auditors alsoreported concerns about the General Revenue fund. In 2009, the ending balancewas $85,966, but this year is projected to be only $641.

Commissioners say the low fundsreflect payments made from lawsuits involving former sheriffs andreimbursements to employees who were underpaid based on state requirements.

Commissioner John Bailiff saysthey are doing the best they can to turn things around for the people of CarterCounty.

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