Peach Drive A Smashing Success!

June 30, 2004 -- Posted at 9:55 a.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- Lots of organizations have fundraisers....folks have done everything from dunking booths to male beauty pageants while trying to raise money for their cause. But one group in Region 8 has a unique way that's proven to be tried and true for more than a dozen years.

A truckload of Georgia peaches rolled into Jonesboro Wednesday. But they weren't going to grocery stores--they were going for a good cause.
Volunteer Paul Waits said, "It's a lot of responsibility in a relatively short period of time. The peach drive usually begins in the spring right around April with some marketing activities and direct mail campaign and then culminates today. I
t's not a one man effort, a lot of people are involved in that."

It's an unique fundraiser for a unique organization. Volunteers were up before the sun this morning getting ready to deliver peaches. Money raised for the event helps support the Jonesboro Church Health Center.

Peach Drive Chair Marshall Price, "The Jonesboro Church Health Center has a ministry of healing, health and hope for those who can't afford health care in Northeast Arkansas."
"There is a segment of our community, not just unique to Jonesboro, but this is true throughout our county that falls through the crack, if you will, in our system of healthcare," said Waits.
Boxes of peaches were ready to go by 6:30 Wednesday morning and the volunteer delivery trucks were rolling as soon as they were loaded.
Event organizers say they were able to sell 658 boxes of peaches and at a hundred dollars a pop, that's nearly $66,000 dollars raised for the Jonesboro Church Health Center.
"The peaches are donated to the center, so every dollar we raise goes in to the center's ministry," said Price as he loaded a box of peaches into the back of a truck.

Volunteers agree, money well spent. This year marks the highest number of peaches ever sold, volunteers were able to sell more than 40 boxes of peaches more than last year.