6th Annual Ram Run returns

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-6th Annual Ram Run kicked off Friday morning on the Paragould High School's football track.

The Ram Run was created to promote physical fitness with Paragould students.

Public Relations Director for the Paragould School District, Tori Thompson, says is about a child's overall well being.

"Several years ago," Thompson said. "We decided we were going to make health and wellness a part of our school district and it's important to do this. Students who exercise perform better in the classroom. There are several studies that have shown that. We started this to promote health and wellness and to get our parents involved and to teach our students and parents the importance of exercising together and making healthy choices."

The Ram Run has become a huge community event.

Director of Student Health Services, Lynn Treece, says it's something that everyone wants to participate in.

"Our community looks forward to it every year," Treece said. "We have parents who ask for the day off so they can come and participate with their children. We used to have it in the downtown area and it was very exciting, but the numbers grew so great it was difficult. So, now we come to our high school. The students look forward to it, the parents enjoy it. And it's just an opportunity for us to collaborate with our community."

Thompson says that local health representatives now take part in the day, as well.

"This has been a great success," Thompson said. "We have thousands of volunteers who help us with this. We include our parents, teachers, students, administrators and we have community volunteers who support us. We always have our hospital who comes out. We have Ridge Kids Dental that hands out tooth brushes to our students."

Thompson says that the Paragould School District has three elementary schools and each takes part in Ram Run.

The Kindergarten students hit the track at nine in the morning.

Then, every hour a new grade starts running.

Treece says their goal is to show not only their students, but parents that exercise if fun.

"We hope they take away," Treece said. "That you need to work to get physically active and to participate. They've been working in their P.E. classes on how to warm up for physical activity so that you don't have any kind of injuries. How to work up to it so you don't get to sore and quit."

Unfortunately, after the Kindergartners hit the track mother nature decided to rain on their parade.

The Ram Run has been postponed to Friday, October 26th.

For more information about the Paragould School District, log onto this website.

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