A local Elementary school and Bank partner to teach students about finances

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Third grade students areworking hand in hand with a local bank to expand their knowledge on finances.Fourteen representatives from Iberia Bank has partnered with the Microsociety MagnetSchool in Jonesboro.

President of Iberia Bankfor Northeast Arkansas, Phillip Jett says they hope to educate and inspire thechildren to succeed in a global economy.

"Our study today teaches them about our city ofJonesboro, the economic development, the local economy, (and) the businessesthat are here. And so, each one of them is developing different zones for ourcity. Residential zones, business zones, industrial zones and they're having alot of fun in understanding what it takes to run a city."

Third grade teacher, Chelsea Reeves says she has avery good feeling about the partnership.

"I think it's very beneficial. It's real lifeworld that I think kids need to be exposed to, even at an early age. They'llable to grasp those concepts and then apply them to real life."

Students were also shownhow to write checks, taught about bank accounts and spending or saving money.

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