A Lot of Questions!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was for the great reception of my announcement yesterday. Thanks to you guys for putting up with us breaking out of our normal news and weather routine just to have a little fun and laughter to start your day.

My mind is racing with all these thoughts I'd like to cover in Baby It Up. What are some topics you would like to see?  Would something helpful for new dads be good? What about advice from moms to us newbies?  What about the dos and don'ts of pregnancy, like what is best to eat and drink, avoid, and is it ok to work out?

Truth: I'm still running. My doctor gave me the thumbs up once I got past 8/10 weeks. It is nice to have something that keeps me feeling normal with all the topsy-turvy I'm feeling right now.  I have slowed my pace a lot and am not running the longer distances. I'm sticking to 5 miles or less.  It's hard to say no to a good run in great fall weather.

What are some things you are still doing that you enjoyed pre-pregnancy?  Do you love chatting it up with your girlfriends who are moms about what to expect and what you have or haven't felt so far?  What about you grandparents?  What are some things you love about and are looking forward to with your son or daughter's new life entering this world?  Hey new dads, what about you? Has the reality sunk in about your duties as poppa bear yet?

I'm full of questions for you guys, and I know you have many, too. So let's get together and work on some great stuff for the on-air portion of Baby It Up. Think of Baby It Up as a place where Region 8 expectant moms can get some help and talk about baby stuff.

Babyin' It Up!