Trust Me Here...

I want to make one thing clear: I am nowhere near an expert on child bearing or child rearing!  How is that even possible? I've never had a baby before! All I know about kids could fit in a thimble. And that, my friends, scares the ever-livin' daylights out of me. The purpose of Baby It Up is to allow all moms to share their experiences, learn from the real experts (doctors, counselors, and nurses), and get really good information out there for others to use.  Goodness knows, I'm not an expert, and I need as much help as the next new mom-to-be. This is a journey we're all on together. You and I are just a few of 6 million women a year who experience pregnancy.

Gosh, I feel so scared and nervous about having this child. Unimaginable joy fills everything I do and feel (those little punches and kicks!), but it is also dampened by those fears of:  Will I be good enough? Will I do it right? Can I do this? I know every mom (and dad) has been here and felt these feelings. It's only natural with this huge, mind-numbing, ground-shaking event happening in 4 months.

In November you can expect weekly on-air pieces discussing many issues and topics facing mothers. I will talk to a panel of moms and then some doctors. I will be asking YOUR questions to learn what you want to know. Hey, if you have a question, someone else more than likely does, too! Let's get someone in the know to answer it.

I've had suggestions from a few of you and I'd love more. As the next few weeks wear on, pepper me with thoughts, questions, and issues you want covered.  What if you are expecting multiples? What if you have a high-risk pregnancy? Do your cravings actually mean anything?  What about those wacky dreams?

Babyin' It Up!