Meet Stacy

Meet Stacy

Stacy is a 49 year old nurse. She wants to learn healthy eating habits to share with her family and to be able to look in a mirror again. She plans to pay it forward and continue to be an example to others as she shares her new habits.

Initial Impressions from Stacy:

I was so anxious during the application process.  Everyone was very friendly even though they were asking me so many questions.  During the open house I had anticipation but once arriving everyone was welcoming.  I love the tour and listening to the two contestants that were apart of last year, it gave me lots of encouragement.  I have already gone to fill out the paper work at the Wellness center and again was greeted with a smile.  I so look forward to the opportunity I have been given.  We as a family plan to join and they are going to work out with me.  Although I don't like having my picture taking you guys have at least picked out decent ones.  Looking forward to getting to know you with Shape up Showdown!!!! Cant wait to pass my physical and meet my trainer.

Update November 9:
 I worked out with Toni today, I love her. It is going to be a good fit. I am so excited and scared. So I will be working out and learning how to strength train. Now if I can just eat right...I have received some suggestions about eating at the table, being quiet and eating slow. Lots of good ideas - I'm so excited!

Update December 6:
I am feeling so much better!!! Only five pounds off but working  out seems to be getting easier. It is frustrating but I am sure it will start coming off more. Tony says it is a marathon not a sprint but instant gratification is what I so I am pushing hard to do better.

Update January 8:
     I have been disappointed but I have lost ten pounds, I have started working out at home and gym.  I work out thirty minutes every day and at least three times a week I go to gym for two hours. I did well during holidays I had the  I keep food diary. So bizarre to go several days doing well then eat anything that moves...urrrggggghhhhh!!!!  
I love working out, I feel better!!!!!!   I  have stopped one blood pressure pill and that is great. I feel better there is no doubt about it, my clothes are too big but I haven't bought new.  I did go from extra large to large in workout clothes. I will be at gym in the morning.
What I would say for motivation....get an accountability partner and help each other.  It may suck at first but it does get better and it is worth it.  Slow or fast, healthy is better.