Meet Stephen B

Stephen B is a 34 year old funeral director. Stephen wants to be a healthy role model and dad to his two children. He would love to run a 5K, stop taking medicine and have family pictures made.

Initial Impressions from Stephen:

It was so exciting to meet everyone at the Wellness Center and with KAIT.  All the staff were very kind, and they seem excited to help us get start on our new lifestyle changes. As bad as I looked it was exciting to see the way I looked in the pictures, because that will be the last time I look out of shape,   I am so ready to get started with program that I can't hardly stand it. I am also humbled because this gift that KAIT and St. Bernards is giving me is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and am so very thankful to have been chosen. From the bottom of my heart thank you for choosing me.   You are about to see a healthier, thinner me very soon.

Update November 2, 2012

Who is your trainer? Cody

What are your first impressions about your trainer? He seems to be very knowledgeable. I don't know him very well yet, so I can't say a whole lot about him. I do for see us becoming friends.

How are the workouts going so far?  I am on my own right now, we only had a 45min. run down of something for me to do while he is off.  Things are going well, as of this morning I'm down ten pounds, and I'm eating good.

How did you feel about your assessment information? I was depressed at first, cause I didn't realize how bad of shape I was really in. I knew I needed work, but holy cow. I think about that assessment every day, and that is more fuel to help motivate me to get healthier.

How were the classes this week? The classes were great, Rebecca and Linde did a great job of talking about the ups and downs we can face.  Dr. Shaw was really good as well.  Dr. Shaw's class was interesting cause some of the changes she suggested,  I have already made. These meetings seem to be bringing our weight loss family closer.  Everyone seems to be open and willing to share problems they face, but also the positives.

What is your biggest challenge so far? Mindless Eating is still my biggest problem. It's hard not to snack more often than I should.

Anything else you would like to share?  I can't say thank you enough for this awesome gift. I have been overwhelmed by support everyone has been showing.

 Update December 6:
I'll be weighing in and getting measurements next Friday. This morning at the gym I weighed 263.2, and all my clothes are getting bigger. I'm off my BP meds...

Update March 5, 2013:
What is your biggest change so far?
That is a hard question to narrow down.  The biggest change I have so far is planning ahead.  I try to figure out when and how much time I can spend a week exercising.  I plan all my meals out weekly, and I always know what I am going to eat if I go out to a restaurant. I look on-line and figure out what is the healthiest at which ever restaurant we plan on eating at.
Do you LIKE exercise at this point?    I start my day off exercising 4 to 5 days a week, and it makes my day better. I can't imagine my life without exercise now that I have it worked into my routine of life.
What is your biggest struggle at this point?  The biggest struggle I face on a daily basis is food.  I love food and it is still hard sometimes to stop before I get to full.
What is the biggest surprise of this experience... so far? What has surprised me the most through this process is the new found confidence that I have gained by increasing my health and meeting my goals. 
Favorite healthy meal?  Grill chicken breast with steamed broccoli and sweet potato.
Favorite healthy snack? Greek yogurt and almonds are my most favorite thing to snack on.
And as always, words of wisdom for others looking to begin or currently on their own life transformation?  For anyone starting a life transformation, the first step is set goals.  Plan ahead and follow through. Don't give up, and know it not easy process. It takes time don't get frustrated.

Final Program Update April 25, 2013
Stephen was motivated to apply for this program by his children. He had started to notice that he felt limited and couldn't run and play with them like they deserve.

Stephen has dropped 30 years from his body age. He dropped his total blood pressure by approximately 56 points! He has also dropped his total cholesterol, increased his HDL cholesterol and dropped his triglyceride level by 83 points. Stephen has lost a total of 17 inches on his waist and hips and has lost 64 pounds! He also cut his body fat percentage in half! He has dropped his heart disease risk, reduced his stress and depression levels and decreased his type two diabetes risk from high risk to no risk.

Stephen is looking forward to having family pictures made and NOT being disappointed in seeing himself. He has learned to eat healthy and he always encourages everyone in the program to not be shy in restaurants – he says to speak up and order a healthy meal. Most places can prepare something that tastes great and is good for you.

Way to go Stephen!!!