Meet Steven E

Steven E is a 36 year old teacher and coach. Steven wants to be able to keep up with his physical education students and to just feel better in general. He wants his students to know that fitness improves not just your body but your attitude and the way you act.

Initial Impressions from Steven:

So far I have been impressed with the organization and work that has been put into the program. You can tell that it has taken a group effort and a lot of man hours to get things ready for this program. The application process allowed me to put out all of my thoughts and feelings about things that I want to change and the reason why I want to change them. The interview process gave me a chance to be able to relay those message to the staff and let them know how important change is for me at this point in my life. I was surprised with how comfortable the staff made me feel during the interview and whole process. I am ready to begin this challenge and new way of life. I once again would;ld like to thank everyone that is allowing me such a tremendous opportunity!!!! Also, I have received tons of congratulations and support from my beautiful wife Stacey, my two step sons ( Clint and Clay) my family, friends and a overwhelming amount of Facebook comments, messages and likes!!!!

Update November 4, 2012:
Cody is my trainer, I got to meet him once but he has been out with his wife welcoming a new baby to the world. My workouts up to this point have been good, I started on Thurs. Oct. 25th and have been eight of ten days. I was comfortable with my assessment, it pretty much confirmed what I felt already which is I need to take control of my eating and my weight and I feel like I'm on the road to accomplishing that. My biggest challenge so far has been trying to change my eating habits and managing my time for workouts, work, family, coaching, etc. I've continued to great support from my amazing wife and family.

Update December 9:
My workouts are going really well, I really like working with Cody. I've not noticed much weight change the last couple of weeks but I can def. tell a difference in my clothes. We have been doing a lot of core work and I'm trying to get more cardio in then what I have been doing. The workouts have become routine now and are becoming part of my life. I have been doing really well with my eating habits, I am taking in a lot more fruit and veggies than I was before. Things are looking good and I am on pace to hit my goal!!!!

Update March 11, 2013:
My biggest challenge has been the most important thing, I have a problem to keep myself doing extended cardio. I do my share but have to learn to enjoy it and am hoping the warmer weather will help!!!!
I love working with my trainer, the program is great and I feel TONS better, it has hit all body parts and I love the fact I can carry this with me!!
My biggest struggle is the best time to workout, I love the mornings but its a challenge each time. I know this is the best time for me and I will continue to do the mornings!!
The biggest surprise is without a doubt the struggle that I have had with age and conditioning. When I was in my early 20s I could hit the gym for a month and be in shape, I've been at it almost 6 months and am now just feeling good. I thought it would be quicker than this!!!
Fav healthy meal- Grilled chicken, green beans, broccoli salad
Fav. snack- Oranges
Words of wisdom are, I challenge myself daily to be better than I was yesterday. Can I take steps forward or do I take a step back. I am living for ME first but everyone with me are the most important. I impact everyone I contact and need to be a positive influence, and with a healthier lifestyle, I feel I am achieving those goals!!! 
Favorite Quote- Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are. John Wooden
This has been one of the best things that has happened to me, I have found a young man in myself that I am proud of to be back in the gym. I am doing things I had given up on happening and now I prepare to keep my healthy life going forever. I am disappointed also that I took so long to get myself going in this but I am so LUCKY & happy I have had the chance!!!!

Final Program Update April 25, 2013
Steven was really feeling the stress of being a PE Teacher who could not do the things he asked of his students. He was starting to feel aches and pains that he knew were just going to get worse as he aged. Steven has taken the challenge to change all that!

Steven has lowered his body age 18 years! He has dropped his total cholesterol by 22 points. He also drastically decreased his triglyceride levels by 41 points and his fasting glucose levels by 19 points! Steven lost a total of nine inches on his waist and hips and has lost 25 pounds so far!

He also lowered his risk of heart disease, reduced his stress and depression levels, risk of type two diabetes and has great improvements in his diet!

Way to go Steven E!!!