Meet Tiffany

Tiffany is a 31 year old stay at home mother. She has struggled with her weight her entire life and is ready to make changes for herself and for her family. She wants to run with her husband and feel good. To celebrate, she plans to stop avoiding the camera and finally have some family photos made.

Initial Impressions from Tiffany:

I honestly have enjoyed every minute of this process so far. The supportive comments I received from everyone involved has just been amazing. The in person interview was a bit scary, you fell so vulnerable sitting there with these two bright lights shining down on you and in a room that feels like it is filled with 100 people.  As scary as it might have been, I believe it was very therapeutic. To be able to sit there and tell your story of past struggles and not feel judged about it was a good way to start this journey. I kept looking at everyone's faces and they were not faces of judgment, they were faces of honest concern for me and that felt good! Someone was listening to me and I was being heard. When I finally got the phone call saying I was picked as one of the 8, I hung up the phone and broke into tears. My daughter was there with me and she asked me why I was crying and I told her because this is a new beginning for Mommy, that now I would be able to get healthy and be able to go outside and play soccer with you. I am so grateful for this opportunity, I cannot say "Thank you" enough. Those words are not good enough to describe my gratitude. I will forever be in debt to that entire panel!

I was so excited for Tuesday to get here and be able to share my great news with everyone. Having to keep such an awesome secret was hard to do. I just wanted to scream it out to all my friends and family. When I got there on Tuesday I was amazed by the entire staff there. I had several people from the panel come over to me and tell me how happy they was for me and how much personal joy it had given them to be able to help me with this journey. Being overweight my entire life that has always been one of my biggest fears going into a gym like that, was how are people going to see me. They honestly have some of the most caring genuine people working there. They all seem so eager to help me and in a world where customer service is lacking everywhere, they are definitely a shining star!! At the very beginning I was really nervous but everyone there just made it so easy. Now I am just anxious to get it all started, I cannot wait till I get to be able to meet with my trainer and get started!!

Update November 2, 2012

Wow!! What a week!! I am very happy to report that my trainer is Lane and she is amazing!! She and I are going to be great together. I have been lucky enough to already be getting some coaching from her and I love every minute of it. I have been up there every day this week working out and my body is honestly feeling it. I am sore from my head to my toes but I know that is a good thing. That is proof to me that I am pushing my body and putting it through things it is not use too.  I mean after all I am almost 32 yr. old in a 51 yr. old body. Yeah, I know that's kind of harsh to hear. But that is what I was told when I went for my assessment. I was also informed that I weight 248lbs. I think out of all the numbers that was a tough one to hear. I honestly cannot wait until the next assessment to see how many years I have taken back!!  That is going to be a big moment for me!!

I have been enjoying all the classes this week. Listening to Rebecca and Linde from last year's program was very inspirational to say the least. Here are two people standing in front of you that almost a year ago was in your exact same shoes and look at them now!! Wow, those two look amazing!! It is good to be able to have someone that has been there and done that to look up to. If they were able to do it so can I!! Dr. Shaw's class was really great too! It gave you a new look on food and how to eat it. It taught us not to be ashamed of your cravings but to embrace them when you have them and to allow yourself that piece of chocolate when you need it but really enjoy it when you do! I know I am going to be able to take a lot of the things she said and incorporate them into my eating plans to make them stronger.

This week has just been a very informative week learning about my body and learning new ways to eat, but there have been a few challenges this week. I have been sick all week with chest congestion and a cough. It has made some of my workouts a bit more challenging, but I survived them all. Thursday was definitely my hardest day so far. I had been sick all week, working out really hard and getting used to eating differently and Thursday is when it all finally kind of caught up with me. In addition to all that, it was the first time I ever missed going on a field trip with my son. He went to Pumpkin Hollow and I was struggling so hard on the inside about not going with him. Like Rebecca said in the class on Monday, "You only have six months" so I know I needed to be at the gym putting in my time, but I was tired, I was drained and I was emotional. However, I was so lucky to get a message from Stacy, another participant, right at the exact moment I needed it. So, she and I hit the gym for the most intense workout by far that I had done and it was amazing. I was so grateful to have her there to push me!! I know there are going to be other days where I am going to need a push and I am glad to know there are a ton of people now that are on my side that will be there to give it to me!!

I am really looking forward to next week when things really get started! I am ready and I want it bad! This is my time to work on me, to focus on me and I am ready!!

Update December 7:
Wow! I cannot believe that we are already a month down! This month has been very changeling with having to learn how to work out, how to eat different, dealing with the stress of holidays and juggling my workouts while dealing with sick children. However, I did make it through it and I can happily report I am 14lbs pounds lighter!! In addition to the loss of 14 lbs. I have also cut off 15 yrs. from of my body age and dropped one pant size too, all in just 1 month!! I am very proud of myself but honestly feel I can do even better. To me the exercise is the easy part. I really enjoy getting up every morning and going to the gym. My trainer is amazing and is so much fun to be around, she makes me want to go work out just so I can see her and hear her praise!! My biggest struggle is the eating aspect. I enjoy food, I enjoy the taste of food and I enjoy the pleasure I get when I eat food.  I know this will get better with time and the classes we have been doing has been a big help. I am very strong during the week when I am dealing with my normal schedule, but the weekends are a battle. The kids are home, the husband is home and we are on the go all the time so it is just so easy to make those quick bad decisions.  But like I said I know this is getting better because I can already see myself making better choices and I also feel really guilty when I make the wrong choice. I am not perfect, I didn't gain all this weight in a month and I know I am not going to be able to change 32yrs of bad habits in a month either. I have made so much progress in one month; I cannot wait to see what the next 5 months bring. This is just amazing process!!

Update January 15, 2013:
I love meeting with my trainer Lane, she has become more than just a trainer to me, she is also a friend. She puts me through some killer workouts that leave me really sore the next day! I was doing really great going to the gym everyday burning almost 1,000 calories a day. I was able to walk 3 miles and still be able to get off the treadmill and do another 2 miles on the elliptical. It was amazing!! I was seeing results and fitting into some of my smaller jeans. However, right around my 32nd birthday I was in a car accident that cause my L5 to shift causing a lot of lower back pain and if that wasn't enough stress to deal with already, my husband who is the sole provider in our house was laid off 9 days before Christmas. Unfortunately things just stayed really stressful around our house for awhile. All within 2 weeks my family had to deal with a car accident, a lay off, pink eye, the stomach bug making it rounds twice in our house and leaking water heater, oh yeah and lets not forget Christmas too! It honestly felt like my world was starting to crumble. So with the pain in my back and the stress in my head I had to step back from the program. I started back to the gym on January 1st! I am glad to be back to training with Lane but I still haven't got back at it the way I was prior to everything going wrong. My back is better but it is still not 100%, my husband is still looking for work so he now goes with me to the gym! I am very grateful to this program but I do have this advice to anyone wanting to start a weight lose program, I feel in order to be successful you must start at a point in your life where you are not dealing with a ton of stress and honestly can focus 100% on you!!

Update March 12, 2013
My biggest change thus far would have to be my confidence I have gained!! Losing weight, fitting into new sizes and being able to run 2 miles definitely gives you a boost in confidence and a new found sense of pride!! I really do enjoying going to gym every morning and working out. Still not a huge fan of running but I know with time I will learn to like it.
One of biggest struggles so far is just life in general. There is always something going on that keeps me from going to gym whether it be an illness, car accident, personal issue or one of kids' school functions. You just got to roll with it and not let it discourage you. This isn't a race, it's a new life style! I have to remind myself of this daily. I keep thinking I want to lose all my weight now, like right now!! But I didn't gain all my weight in six months, I am not going to lose it all in six months.
One of the biggest surprises for me so far is my ability to jog a mile without stopping. I honestly thought I would never be able to this, EVER. But within two short weeks of running a little everyday I am finally able to do it. It was slow but that didn't matter, I did it!!
I really do enjoy this new lifestyle. I enjoy cooking healthy for my husband and my kids. I have a lot of healthy meals we now enjoy. I have switched all of our pasta to whole wheat pasta and most of our red meat to turkey. I make a really good spaghetti with whole wheat pasta and turkey Italian sausage that taste almost the same as the old way I made it. My kids can't even tell the difference and my 9 yr old daughter tells me she likes the whole wheat pasta taste better.
I know I still have a long road ahead of me. I am still no where near where I want to be, but I do know it is possible and I am very capable of getting there. I am not perfect, I am human and I do have set backs but what I don't have anymore is an "I can't" attitude towards weight loss because I CAN!!!

Final Program Update April 25, 2013
Tiffany told us she was known as the chubby kid growing up and she was ready to change that! She wants to be a good example for her two children and for them to never suffer from the stigma of being overweight. Tiffany has learned to cook healthy meals and now plans outdoor activities for family fun!

Tiffany has lowered her body age by 30 years! She has reduced her total cholesterol to be within the normal range. Her LDL cholesterol is now within an optimal range and her triglycerides dropped as well. She has lost twelve inches and a total of 52 pounds so far! Tiffany has greatly improved her muscular strength, muscular endurance and aerobic flexibility. She has lowered her risk for heart disease and decreased her stress and depression levels. Like the others, she had made great improvements in her diet!

Great job Tiffany!!!