Meet Pam

Pam is a 46 year old banker. She wants to keep up with her family! She is tired of being a "spectator" in life and is ready to jump back in the game. Pam wants to celebrate by taking a family vacation where she can walk as needed and join in the family fun.

Initial Impressions from Pam:

This whole process has been absolutely amazing!  When I completed the application I knew it was something I really wanted to do, but never dreamed I would be chosen to participate.  My luck usually does not run in my favor!

The open house was so much fun, and everyone was so nice, helpful and encouraging.  I don't think I've ever experienced the kind of support that all of you give to this program and the participants.  You all made us feel like rock stars!  The photo shoot was even a blast even though I normally try to avoid the camera. I think it was just so exciting to be beginning this journey.  I am going to sign up this afternoon, and can't wait to get started.

My family is really excited about this too.  They have decided to join and work out with me!  This is such a blessing.  Again, thanks so much!!!!

Update November 7, 2012

I will be working with Norm Judd as my trainer.  We had our first session Monday night and he was awesome.  I learned so much from him during our meeting.  We discussed diet and how the body burns fat and calories.  The workouts are going good.  I have been doing some on my own and have my second session with Norm tonight. I can't wait!  I think the assessment process was beneficial and a bit scary.  Although it's good to know your "fitness age" it's also a little frightening.  The classes so far have been great.  Dr. Shaw provided us with some good information that I think will be very helpful to all of us.  The only real challenge I experienced was last week when trying to go to the gym and classes at night.  I found that I didn't have time to cook and had to eat out a few times.  However, I've conquered that this week!  I shopped for groceries on Saturday and used Sunday as a cooking day to prepare meals that we can eat throughout the week.  Crisis averted!

Update December 11:
As progress goes it is going good. I'm down 6 lbs from the beginning which is not as much as I'd like but I feel much better & can tell that my clothes are looser!! I'm enjoying the workouts & feeling blessed to have this opportunity!!

Update January 14, 2013:
How are your training sessions going now? Great!  Norm is awesome!

What improvements have you seen in your stamina? When I first did my assessment and had to walk on the treadmill for 12 minutes, I thought I would die…literally!  I was walking at a pace of 1.8 and it was all I could do to finish the twelve minutes.  Now I am walking 30 minutes and have increased the pace considerably in addition to doing strength training for about 30 – 35 minutes.  In all on MWF, my workouts are about an hour and fifteen minutes, and I feel great when I leave the gym.

How much cardio do you do each week? I try to do 30 minutes on MWF and about 15-20 minutes on the other days (except Sunday).

How many days do you go to the gym now? 3 - 5

What accomplishment thus far are you most proud of? My clothes are fitting more comfortably!

What is your advice to someone who is struggling to get motivated to work out? Just do it!! I know it is hard to start in the beginning, but you will soon look forward to it, and feel so much better!

Update March 5, 2013:
What is your biggest change so far?
It feels so good to exercise again after years of an inactive life style.  I actually have more energy and feel better about myself  
Do you LIKE exercise at this point?
Yes.  Some days it is hard to get motivated to go, but when I am done, I always feel so good!What is your biggest struggle at this point?
I became sick with the flu in January which turned into bronchitis and caused me to miss some much needed gym time. It was disappointing to be out for a few weeks, but it feels good to get back in there and start rebuilding my strength and endurance.
What is the biggest surprise of this experience... so far? For me, it was remembering how good it feels to exercise.
Favorite healthy meal? Spaghetti made with ground turkey and whole wheat noodles.
Favorite healthy snack? Yogurt parfait---fresh fruit like blueberries or strawberries, topped with low fat vanilla yogurt and granola, with a drizzle of honey on top.  This is so good!! It's actually better than ice cream!
And as always, words of wisdom for others looking to begin or currently on their own life transformation? If you are considering starting an exercise program, just do it!  Don't put it off one minute longer.  It will make a huge difference in how you feel.