Meet Kinyata

Kinyata is a 23 year old staff support coordinator. She is a newlywed and wants to start her married life healthy. She is looking to learn healthy cooking habits and be able to eventually run a 5K.

Initial Impressions from Kinyata:

The Shape Up Showdown experience has been great so far! It was such a surprise when I got the initial call about the program. I had almost forgot that I applied, but was so happy that I was being considered. I was so nervous during the call-back interview with so many people asking questions, but I felt confident after. I knew this was my opportunity to finally make that lifestyle change I have wanted for so long! When Tory called and said that I was selected, I was over the moon! My family and friends have been really happy for me and supportive thus far. The reveal was also great with my husband, parents, and sister there to support me. It was also great getting to meet the other participants. I know we are all so thankful and excited to be a part of the Shape Up Showdown. Now, I just can't wait to finally meet my trainer and get started! It's going to be a great journey I know!

Update November 7, 2012:

My shape up showdown trainer is Drew! We had our first workout session yesterday, and it was intense!! But I am determined to make it through every workout! The classes that we've had so far have been really informational! I loved hearing from Linde and Rebecca! They are such an inspiration! My biggest challenges thus far have been deciding what I want to do for a nutritional plan. So many options but I will decide soon so I can get my nutrition on course with my exercise! Still very excited about this journey!!

Update December 11:
So we are one month into the shape up showdown, and I feel great! I am down about 11 pounds and more determined than ever! The training sessions are getting tougher, but that's to be expected! I try to work out at least half an hour a day and watch what I'm eating! I'm contemplating starting a plan possibly weight watchers at the beginning of the new year! I have been doing Zumba as much as I can. It's so much fun and more like a social gathering than workout! Rebecca from last year has been so helpful. I appreciate her sooo much! I'm just trying to take it one day at a time! One month down...five to go!!!

Update January 10, 2013:
Sooo....we are two months down, and I am down 19 pounds! My training sessions are becoming more intense! Drew is pushing me, and that's just what I need! I am running now on the treadmill! Never thought I would do that! That by far is my biggest accomplishment!  I have still been taking zumba class, and I can tell my endurance is getting better. My goal is to be in the gym every single day! For those who are struggling to get motivated I say you will not regret it! It's hard, but it's worth it! I am working hard not only for me but for you. I want to be an inspiration!

Update March 13, 2013
Alright so it's update time, and the shape up showdown is almost over! I can't believe it! Time has just flown by! But we have still have about six weeks left! Plenty of time to keep exercising and remaining healthy! I am still trying to do cardio everyday! I have even started working out in the AM as well! I am still running on the treadmill. This has to be my biggest change so far! I do enjoy working out for the most part! Mostly how I feel afterwards when I know I've gotten in a good work out! My biggest struggle would be fighting food temptations! So I just try to limit myself as much as possible to being around my favorite unhealthy foods! As far as healthy foods go my favorite snack would be strawberries or the fruit pretzel packages I've found. My biggest surprise would be being able to get through three sets of decline crunches! Those things are hard!! But somehow I make it through every time! Also completing the two mile healthy heart race under 30 minutes! I can't wait for the reveal and for everyone to see how great this journey has been for me and my fellow shape up showdown participants!!

Final Program Update April 25, 2013
Kinyata was motivated to apply for the program based on her desire to live a long, productive life in which she feels good about herself. She felt very limited by her current weight and lifestyle and was ready to make a change! And change she has!

Kinyata has changed her body for the better! She has taken 22 years of her body age! She has also lost a total of eleven and a half inches between her waist and hips. Plus she's lost a total of 33 pounds! She has increases in muscular strength, muscular endurance and aerobic flexibility. She has lowered her risk for heart disease, decreased stress levels and improved her diet!

Way to go Kinyata!!!