Meet Kayla

Kayla is a 28 year old probation officer.  She wants to lose weight and be healthier so she feels better in her own skin. She would love to go back to the beach and be comfortable enough to wear a bathing suit!

Initial Impressions - October 22, 2012

The application process was quick. I loved the tour and all I saw in the facility! The photo shoot was fun but I had to get comfortable taking pictures! I am excited to get my assessment done this week and get started on this journey!

Update November 2, 2012

My trainer is Mandy. My first impressions of Mandy was that she was going to be fun, understanding, push me to do my best and support me all the way!

I haven't gotten to work out with Mandy yet but I have been going on my own to do my cardio this week. So far its going well!

My assessment information was very informative for me. It showed me where I am at now and where I need to be. It was a big motivator for me!

The classes this week have been great. Rebecca and Linde gave us so much insight on what to expect, feelings we will have and such inspiration. Dr. Shaw helped me to realize I do need to take my time when eating, realize what I am eating, enjoy it yet be sure it is going to be good for me! I feel already I have learned so much in just one week!

My biggest challenge so far has been to realize my eating habits and already making some changes. Just grocery shopping for healthier foods has me stressed at first but it is part of the lifestyle change and I must succeed!

I just want to share that I am so happy and thankful to be a part of such a wonderful program. The gym has every aspect of working out I could ask for and I am excited about trying new classes, workouts, and just pushing my body to perform. I also have already grown to love all the other participants and knowing we are all on this journey together lets me know we are really going to be a great support system!

Update January 10, 2013:
My training sessions are going great! My trainer and I work well together and have a good time while getting a great workout!
The improvements I've seen in my stamina would be running. I can run longer for longer periods of time now!
I do about an hour of cardio each day I am at the gym, in additions to my trainer workouts.
I go to the gym about 5 days a week.
The accomplishment thus far I am most proud of would be fitting in jeans I haven't worn in about 5 years!
My advice for someone struggling to get motivated to workout would be just do it! Once you start going, find what type of workout suits you and you see pounds dropping, you will feel if you don't go it will bother you!

I would just like to share in addition again how thankful I am I got chosen for the shape up showdown and how wonderful thus far the experience has been. I am enjoying working out more than I have in years and with all the love and support I have received from family and friends I just know I can do so much more!

Update March 5, 2013
Biggest Change:
my eating habits. I have given up my all time favorite, sweet tea and a lot of the greasy, fried foods out of my diet.
I actually DO like exercise at this point. It has become MY time of the day and a stress reliever. I prefer to workout alone and have time to clear my head of the days issues.
My Biggest struggle was last month, I was at a weight loss plateau and couldn't get over a hump but now I have and am so happy!
My biggest surprise is that I ran and finished the healthy heart 2 miler on February 23rd!Favorite healthy meal: grilled chicken, green beans and unsweet tea
Favorite healthy snack: apple slices and peanut butter.
Words of wisdom: NEVER give up. sure there are days I don't feel like going to the gym but I do because I know if I don't my body and mind will suffer the consequences. Always try something new and don't be afraid to push yourself or be pushed out of your comfort zone!!

Final Program Update April 25, 2013
Kayla told us she's been on a roller coaster of weight issues throughout her life. She wanted to make changes now – before she developed a multitude of weight related issues. Those changes have definitely started to happen!

Kayla's beginning goal was to feel comfortable in her own skin and to celebrate on a beach in Florida!

Kayla has decreased her body age by 25 years! She has greatly reduced her cholesterol and triglycerides. She has lost eight inches on her waist and hips and has lost 24 pounds! Kayla drastically improved her muscular endurance and aerobic fitness. She has decreased her stress and depression levels and improved her diet since beginning the program!

Way to go Kayla!