Oh, Maternity Clothes...

I'm about 5 ½ months along now, and have managed to avoid maternity clothes.  That's going to change and soon!  In this 9 (really 10) month ordeal, how do you deal with getting an almost full, all new wardrobe? Do you consignment shop? Hit a few of the big box and discount stores like Target or Wal-Mart? Shop online? Fudge it with clothes a size or two too big?

I am very thankful that tunic and blouse-y/bohemian tops are on point with trends right now.  Pair that tunic with leggings and some boots, and my weekend night's out look is pretty much complete.  But work, ugh, that's another matter.   I would love to be able to wear workout clothes and running shoes, hair thrown back in a pony, with very little make up if I could.  But my bosses would probably frown on that, and you probably wouldn't like to see that in the mornings either! So, to the drawing board for decent looking maternity outfits that' won't put a hurting on my bank account.

What are some steals and deals that you have found lately? Did you borrow a lot from your friends' maternity clothes?  I've done a bit of shopping online and have had some luck. What about you?  Did you make the trip to Memphis, Little Rock, or even Cape Girardeau to find bigger and better maternity selections?

I know many of you are talented seamstresses…have you attempted to make maternity clothes?  I have seen some great patterns, but haven't quite fired up my sewing machine yet.  I barely have enough energy to get dinner done in the evenings!

Babyin' It Up, y'all!