Veterans visit 9th Graders

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Veterans all the way from World War Two to the war in Iraq visited the MacArthur Jr. High School.

For 99th grader, Autumn Sharp, this history lesson was one, very close to her heart.

"It's really big for me and I've been wanting to join the military and actually hearing something from them it's a very touching kind of thing", says Sharp.

Sharp says these war veterans were more than just hero's.

"The man who I was interviewing, he drove for the president it's kind of like standing next to a legend."

9th grade English Teacher, Lindsey Morris, says this experience will never be forgotten.

"You know we see heroes in movies we read about them all the time in literature but to have them meet the real heroes of our country was just an incredible experience for all of us."

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