Red Ribbon Week is celebrated with a patriotic twist

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A Region 8 school is celebrating Red Ribbon Week with a twist.

The theme for Red Ribbon Week at Brookland Elementary school this year is "Voting to Be Drug Free".

Teachers decided to take this opportunity to teach their students all about the election process.

The halls are filled with red, white and blue decorations, not to mention campaign posters with this year's candidates.

Gifted and Talented teacher for K3, Erica Collins says they were already talking to kids about the election year, so the timing was perfect.

"We've been doing a huge kindergarten through third grade election unit this year," Collins said. "We thought this would be a great way to get the students involved in what's going on in our nation and excited about the voting process and excited about the election."

Things kicked off Monday morning with a Red Ribbon Week assembly.

Local politicians came out and spoke with children about the election process.

Collins says students like third grader Paige Mills are very excited at the idea of getting involved.

"I thought that it would be really cool," Mills said. "And that I'd like to do it. You get to choose the President and that your votes go to a group of people and they choose which President would be best."

Students will be getting a very real picture of the process on election day.

"On November the 6th we will have a voting booth," Collins said. "We'll go around from class to class and students will get a chance to vote on a ballot and will be able to make their choice and put it in the voting box and be inside the voting booth. They've been super excited about it."

Collins says you can never start too young when it comes to teacher our future leaders.

"I think it's wonderful," Collins said. "They're getting excited about something that's going on in our nation. They know their grandparent, parents and aunts and uncles are going to be voting. And I think it's a wonderful time to prepare them for this and to start learning at an early age what all goes on in our nation and how important it is to be a good citizen."

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