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Beatrice Cabanaz Pays It Forward: 10/22/12


Tonight's Pay It Forward segment brings two former neighbors together again. 

We set up with our Pay It Forward sign near 98th and Indiana searching for this week's playmaker. After a short wait, Beatrice Cabanaz spots our sign and pulls into the parking lot nearby. 

Beatrice has seen Pay It Forward before and wants to help a former neighbor who means a lot to her. Beatrice has chosen Lofira Galvan as this week's Pay It Forward recipient. 

Beatrice explains that Lofira is a nice, caring woman who used to be their neighbor. 

Beatrice described the Galvan family as very giving. We head to Lofira's neighborhood where we find her babysitting. 

Lofira is totally surprised and not sure what to say. Lofira gives Beatrice a hug and thanks her for her generosity. Lofira explained that she will use the money to help remodel their house and pay medical bills.  Her husband had cancer and has been unable to work on their house as much as they would like. Lofira said after receiving the money, "Now is a good time. The Lord knows."

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon! You could become our next playmaker!!

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