Expanded medical services to better lives of Randolph County residents

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - Expanding the services at Five Rivers Medical Center in Pocahontas is something that's been in the works for the past year. 
"These were some of the programs came up that we thought, hey, we need to start offering this here in Pocahontas," CEO of FRMC, Luther Lewis told Region 8 News a big reason behind the expansion was for convenience of their patients.
"So the patients won't have to travel so far for their health care needs," Lewis explained.
One of the new clinics at Five Rivers is through Cardiology Associates in Jonesboro. Cardiologist, Dr. Roger Hill explains that this will offer a multitude of services for patients.
"The hospital has ultrasound capability for cardiac ultrasound, cardiac stress testing with echo-cardiography...they also have a new state of the art CT scanner," Dr. Hill told Region 8 News. There is also a cardiac catheterization laboratory for diagnostic heart catheterizations. Dr. Hill said this will help his patients who were having to travel to Jonesboro before the clinic opened.
"We see patients in our office here three days a week, and that allows patients to not have to drive so far," Dr. Hill said.
A new clinic has also just recently opened across the road from the main hospital.
"What we've set up door to door is a wound care treatment center," Dr. Robert Hall told Region 8 News. "where difficult wounds that have not healed, usually within 30 days, we're referred to help those wounds heal."
Dr. Hall with the Wound Care Treatment Center said there's one common goal through this expansion.
"If we can bring medical care, whichever type it is to the people, that people will take advantage of that and by taking advantage of it, they'll have a better lifestyle," Dr. Hall said.
Another service that will better the life of their patients is a therapy clinic that is set to open sometime in November. Lewis explained that these services won't just help their patients.
"Right now we've added six employees. And of course as the services grow and expand we'll be adding more employees," Lewis said.
Five Rivers Medical Center is also busy renovating their hospital rooms. Lewis told Region 8 News that nine families or businesses in Pocahontas have already agreed to sponsor room renovations.
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