Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Good morning, good mommas (and dads, and grandparents)!

I took a few days off from work to spend some time with one really special person this weekend—my sister.  We live hours upon hours apart, and only get to see each other at the most two or three times a year.  We had a blast just bumming around and doing sisterly things away from home and our husbands. That was a treat! She is going to make such a wonderful aunt, and will be precious in the life of this baby boy.

That got me thinking about family names and what to call people! On my husband's side, his parents already have their grandparent names, but my parents…well, that's another story and while there are funny and endearing choices out there, we haven't decided on anything yet, nor have we really begun considering it!  That's ok…we still have time.  We're at three (really four) months left…plenty of time, right?

What are some grandparent names you have used? The traditional grandma or grandpa? Something like Pappy or Grams? Or just their first names or initials?  Something else really neat that you just love?  Please share!

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