Harris Hospital hosting breast cancer survivor dinner

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) – The nation recognizes October as BreastCancer Awareness Month, so a local hospital is doing its part to honor peoplewho have beat the disease.

Harris Hospital will host a breast cancer survivor dinner inNewport this Thursday at 6 p.m.

The dinner is free to anyone who has overcome the disease,plus one guest.

Rebecca Pearrow, the hospital's director of marketing, saysthe event should send out a message of hope.

"We have a special featured guest that is a breast cancer,"Pearrow said. "Her journey actually began right here in the hospital with herdiagnosis, and she has a really uplifting message of recovery and how she camethrough her treatment.

"The more attention that we bring to breast cancer," sheadded, "the more exposure that we get to it, we think that it's going to helpcontinue in the fight to reach a cure."

The hospital currently has 35 people registered to attendthe survivor's dinner, though it has room for 15 more.

To reserve a seat, call 870-512-3081.

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