Do Presidential debates really matter?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Now that the Presidential debates are over and Election Day is two weeks away, many have decided which candidate they will support at the polls.

Region 8 News asked people if debates have the power to make voters switch teams, or if people watch them solely for the purpose of confirming what they already believe.

Jerri Jo Tackett: "In my opinion, I think it confirms for people, but I also am aware that at times it will change people's decisions on what they thought they were going to do."

Kim Lister: "They kind of have that wall up where they're not going to consider what another candidate from another party has to say."

Lauren Clayton: "I think a lot of people are set in their ways before the debates even start, they pick their candidate and that's who they are going to stick with."

Early voting started Monday in Arkansas.  Election Day is November 6.

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