Food Bank of NEA gets help

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-The Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas come some help just in the nick of time.

The food bank received a grant from the Endowment Foundation of Greene County for $1,500.

Director of Development for the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas, Vicki Pillow, says

"it's so important for organizations and foundations to support our Core Food Distribution program because it is really our basic operation. We are a Feeding America Food Bank and we also work with the Hunger Relief Alliance and we work with local and regional manufacturers and organizations and get the most food possible out there to people at risk of hunger in our 12 county service area."

Pillow says they work through Feeding America on a national level, Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance on a state level.

The food bank has 103 partner agencies that comes to the food bank distribution center once a week to get food out to area food pantries to help those who are at risk of hunger.

Even with all this help, Pillow says it's not enough.

"We are still seeing people and families come to our partner agencies that have never been to a food bank before. So, we are still seeing families in need. This time of year, it gets tough on people because the holidays are coming up and everybody's trying to figure out where they're going to be able to find their next meal."

Pillow says the money will be put to good use.

"This money will be used to acquire nutritious foods to be a part of our Food Core Distribution System. Once bought, the items will go right back out to individuals and families in need."

The money from this most recent grant will be used to help supply the food pantries in the Greene County area.

Pillow says the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas works to feed 5,100 people a week in Region 8.

A recent survey show things aren't looking up in Arkansas.

"Arkansas is now tied for the state with the highest rate of food insecurity in the country. We have a 19.2% food insecure population in 2011. This was an increase from the previous year of 18.6%."

She says they are always in need of canned goods, such as green beans, corn and fruit cocktail.

For more information about the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas, log onto this website.

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