Camfill-Farr unveils sculpture

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-The city of Jonesboro now has an eye catching site on Airport Road.

Wednesday, Camfill-Farr unveiled an enormous and creative sculpture in their front yard!

"The Remembering Tree" is a project the president of Camfill-Farr, Lee Morgan, wanted to see done.

Morgan went to one of Camfill-Farr's welders, Kelly Stevens, to recruit for the project.

"We knew Kelly Stevens did metal, artistic art on the side at home," Morgan said. "She had made small pieces for people. We had seen them in their booths or even folks in the office would have these wall hangings that Kelly did. And there's a little art piece in our front lobby we had her do many years ago. So, we knew she had the capability to do something really cool."

Welder for Camfill-Farr and the creator of the Remembering Tree, Kelly Stevens, says she had no idea at the time Morgan came to her what the end product would become.

"The company president, Lee Morgan, challenged me to build a sculpture," Stevens said. "He just let me choose whatever I wanted to do. So, I made a small version of it and he loved it. Then he said let's go big!"

And big it is!

The sculpture sits outside on the lawn in front of Camfill-Farr.

It's just over 30 feet tall.

"We're global," Stevens said. "And working on being green and this made me think of the two things. And I've always wanted to build a globe and a tree like this so, I just put them together."

Stevens created a tree with a globe sitting on top of the branches.

But that's not all.

Spectators will find owls, birds, dragon flies and even leaves with the names of people carved into them.

"She said the tree represents sustainability," Morgan said. "Clean air and all that we do and the globe represents our global expansion of our factor in England, right now."

Morgan says one of the most exciting things about this project is the reaction from Camfill-Farr's employees.

"What's been great," Morgan said. "Is our employees have rallied around this project. They love it. They're excited about it. They're bringing their families out this evening for the dedication and we're just so excited to have it."

Morgan says the community has even stepped up to be a part of this.

"Our vendors that supply stuff to us would come in," Morgan said. "See the tree and say what's going on here. And we'd explain it. Our steel vendor, JMS Metal Service, donated all the steel in that tree. Our controls vendor that does the electrical controls for our desk collectors, they did the night lighting of the tree. It's color changing LED lights. They also put in a sound system around the tree. Appleton Lawn Care did all the amazing landscaping for the tree. And then Ramson's Construction that does a lot of our work and expansions here put 100,000 pounds of concrete under that tree that it's bolted down to."

Stevens says this project is an experience she'll carry with her forever.

"It's a dream come true for me to do something like this," Stevens said. "I do things on a smaller scale, but I've never had the resources to do anything this large. So, getting to do this was just great."

This project took Stevens a little over six months to complete.

For more information about Camfill-Farr, log onto their website.

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