Puppies and Kittehs and Babies, Oh My!

This morning a friend knew I needed a little cheering up and began sending me some of the cutest videos to be found on the interwebs. Oh, my! This has definitely been a good way to chase away the blues, the dreary weather, and anything else looming over you on this Friday.

When you take any of these three: 1)Puppies 2) Kittehs 3) Babies and combine them in any sort of fashion you get absolutely adorable results! Some of my favorites involve a Yorkie puppy and a baby boy, a kitten and a fawn, a baby cheetah, and gosh—I could keep going!

If you need a little pick me up or just a break from all the planning, stress and worry of being a parent, growing a baby in your tummy (heck, I'm working on a pancreas right now), or just plain old life: Stop, smile at a stranger, and enjoy the bliss from small things in life today. Or just visit youtube and find some adorable videos.

Happy Friday, Y'all!