Mizzou Athletics has 84% GSR, rates third in SEC

From the University of Missouri

The University of Missouri has a graduation success rate (GSR) of 84% for all sports, as announced today by the NCAA, up from 81% a year ago.  That rate ranks Mizzou third in the Southeastern Conference, behind only Vanderbilt (1st – 91%) and Alabama (2nd – 85%).

Missouri led the SEC in five different sports, including men's golf (100%), women's golf (100%), women's swimming & diving (100%), tennis (100%), and wrestling (67%).  Mizzou's football team had a 73% rate, while the men's basketball team came in at 67%, both of which ranked as fifth-best in the SEC.  This is the sixth consecutive year that MU's overall GSR rate has increased, and it also marks the third straight year in which Mizzou had at least four programs with a perfect GSR.

"We are very pleased with our numbers in the latest report," said Associate Athletic Director for Academic Services Dr. Joe Scogin.  "We take great pride in the academic experience we provide to our student-athletes at Mizzou.  They are expected to perform at a very high level in the classroom, just as they are in their sport, and the numbers show that they are doing exactly that," he said.

The overall GSR standings for SEC schools includes: 1. Vanderbilt (91%), 2. Alabama (85%), 3. Mizzou (84%), 4. Florida (82%), 5. Georgia (81%), 6. Mississippi State (80%), 6. LSU (80%), 8. Kentucky (79%), 9. South Carolina (78%), 10. Ole Miss (76%), 11. Texas A&M (74%), 12. Auburn (74%), 13. Tennessee (73%), 14. Arkansas (72%).

Specific GSR rates/SEC rankings for each of Mizzou's sports include:

Baseball – 71% (6th)

Men's Basketball – 67% (5th)

Women's Basketball – 92% (8th)

Football – 73% (5th)

Men's Golf – 100% (1st)

Women's Golf – 100% (1st)

Gymnastics – 91% (6th)

Soccer – 92% (4th)

Softball – 95% (5th)

Men's Swimming/Diving – 89% (4th)

Women's Swimming/Diving – 100% (1st)

Tennis – 100% (1st)

Men's Track/Field – 88% (3rd)

Women's Track/Field – 88% (7th)

Volleyball – 77% (12th)

Wrestling – 67% (1st)


              These figures reflect GSRs for student-athletes who started college in 2005.  The NCAA's GSR includes transfer students and student-athletes who leave in good academic standing.


The NCAA website has extensive information regarding GSR and other academic measurements, including a sortable database for GSR by sport, school, conference and year.  For those interested, please visit the below link: