Struggling with Strollers

I didn't realize what an undertaking picking out strollers and car seats could be! Of course you want the very best in terms of safety, but you don't want to break the bank!  After doing a lot of research—and talking to numerous friends, I've decided not to get a travel system. We are opting for a good, durable jogging stroller and a car seat carrier.

I can't believe how long and how much I agonized over this decision. I felt like I spent less time looking at colleges and graduate school programs than seats and strollers! Granted, this is our first child and I want to know the ins and outs of safety, necessities, and accessories for all this gear.

What are some things you looked for when picking out strollers and car seats? I'm curious what others in Region 8 decided.  I know we all have such differing opinions and ideas on it all…let me hear 'em!

Hope you are enjoying Baby It Up!