Early-morning earthquake rattles Parkin residents, businesses

PARKIN, AR (KAIT) - Region 8 shook to life at 7:39 this morning during a 3.9 magnitude earthquake centered in eastern Cross County.

Even though the earthquake was centered 6 miles southwest of Parkin, the ground rumbled as if the town itself was in the cross hairs.

Business for the quiet town's lone gas station slowed to a halt after the quake shut gas pumps down.

"I think the tremor messed our pumps up under the bottom, because immediately after it had smoothed all the way down, people's gas wasn't flowing. We were having trouble with gas for about an hour."

Several security cameras captured the frantic moments. Shaky video reveals that motorists continued pumping gas, seemingly unaware of the quake.

Cashier Sherry Gillon dismissed the endlessly rattling windows and shelves in the store as the routine garbage pick-up.

"We were the only business open. I was standing up here, ringing out a customer. By that time, everything just went to shaking and moving around the register and stuff. I'm like--golly, that garbage truck noise is kind of heavy this morning."

Gillon noticed something was very wrong when the cash register in front of her began shaking violently.

"My boss man came over from the register and said 'Sharon, that's an earthquake.'"

It was something she had never experienced in Parkin after 45 years.

"My blood pressure did go up. I was really doing more shaking than the earthquake was at that time."

Information on earthquake preparedness and safety can be found by clicking here.

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