Former Region 8 Anchor describes weathering Sandy in New York

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Former Region 8 resident and KAIT Anchor, D.J. Duckworth is now living in New York. She braced for the worst of the Hurricane Sandy with her family in their apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
Duckworth told Region 8 News that they didn't take warnings from officials lightly. Earlier in the day Monday, New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg told residents this: "...conditions are deteriorating very rapidly and the window for getting out safely is closing."
Duckworth says her family decided to weather the storm.
"Time will tell if that was a good call or not, but nonetheless, we're here, we're prepared as we possibly can be." Duckworth told Region 8 News during a Skype interview Monday.
Duckworth said officials warned of high winds, flooding and power outages in New York.
"What looks like will be a big deal for us is of course all the high wind and of course if the electricity goes out. We live on the 26th floor of this building so you can imagine, no electricity, no elevators that would work and also in some of these bigger buildings when the power goes out you also lose your water service as well," she explained.
Duckworth said Monday evening, they dealt with flickering lights in their apartment, but no power outages in her building. She did however, mention how strong the winds were. Living on the 26th floor, Duckworth said at times, she could feel her building swaying.
Duckworth explained how New York has been slowly shutting down over the past couple of days.
"The governor is starting to close the bridges. The tunnels were closed earlier because of flooding concerns," Duckworth said. Along with the closing of the subways and public transit systems.
"So once that happens that's pretty much a guarantee that schools will be closed."
While Duckworth dealt with severe weather living here in Region 8, she said she never anticipated weathering a post-tropical storm in New York. But, she did note that it's not just Region 8 residents who stock up on milk and bread in preparation of the storm
"It is the exact same situation here in Manhattan times a lot more millions of people so you can only imagine what the lines looked like yesterday," Duckworth said.
Regardless of the outcome where she is, she said she'd rather be safe than sorry.
"I'm happy to be fully stocked up and have more food than anybody could possibly eat and batteries for days, it beats the alternative," Duckworth said.
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