ASU Woman's Basketball team announces "Project 3,584"

From Arkansas State University

The Arkansas State women's basketball team held its first meeting of the "Project 3,584" campaign at Upper Crust Pizza on Tuesday night in preparation for the start of 2012-13 regular season.

The campaign is comprised of a 40-member committee that will be selling tickets to ASU's regular season home opener against Wichita State on Thursday, Nov. 15 at the group rate of $4. The goal of the committee is help ASU break its single-game, non-doubleheader attendance record of 3,583, which was set against Ole Miss in 1996.

"While season ticket numbers are strong this year we want to make a splash with our first home game of the season," ASU head women's basketball coach Brian Boyer said. "The atmosphere that we create for our first game can make a dramatic impact on attendance and interest for the remainder of the season."

The 40-member committee will be divided into four teams and will sell tickets to individual and businesses throughout Northeast Arkansas. Each team member will be responsible for selling at least 50 tickets, with each team selling a total of 500 tickets.

The teams will meet once a week leading up to the Red Wolves' home opener to check on the progress of ticket sales and give updates.

For more information on the campaign or to find out how to purchase tickets from one of the committee members contact the ASU women's basketball office at 870-972-2303 or the ASU marketing department at 870-972-3930.

"Project 3,584"
Teams Names and Members

Team Clyde                                                                          Team Mohegan
Gina Winchester                                                                     Dodi Peterson
Lynda White                                                                           Andrea Scott
Michelle Hendrix                                                                   Melanie Posey
Meaghan Kingston                                                                 Meredith Cook
Heather Holmes                                                                     Kelli Brown
Wendy Carson                                                                        Kristie Dickson
Carla Weatherford                                                                Annittia Pyle
Emily Lard                                                                              Liz Stallcup
Bonnie Goad                                                                          Lisa Carlton
Janie Garrett                                                                         Connie Gibson

Team Rufus                                                                          Team Mona
Heather Stallings                                                                    Lynetta Pilkington
Beth Crockett                                                                         Brandi Parkinson
Andi Gillespie                                                                         Lisa Schaefer
Melanie Wilcoxson                                                                Cindy Frans
Susie Eddington                                                                     Shania Montgomery
Erin Walker                                                                           Julia Bristow
Lisa Graves                                                                            Rachel Jones
Kara Fowler                                                                           Melissa Morries
Laura Holcomb                                                                      Leslie Caldwell
Mary Clayton                                                                         Angie Ellis