Halloween Time!

I do really enjoy Halloween and I adore trick-or-treaters! Growing up just outside the city limits we never had any kids come by, and always went into town to trick-or-treat. I remember some of my favorite neighborhoods, now filled with children of childhood friends. I sort of wish I was in Caruthersville tonight just to see some of those adorable kids!

We will have quite a few kids come by the house this evening, and I am SO excited! The last two years we've gotten to enjoy the holiday with some friends and their kids. We go for a haunt around the neighborhood and then cookout on our deck. The kids are generally zonked by the time they leave. We always have some piece of a costume left, discarded in the hallway or under the couch.

One thing I have noticed about today: the precious (and scary and funny) costumes lighting up my twitter and Facebook feeds.  Before you go gallivanting with you princess or superhero, make sure you take a picture and post it on The Loop here on kait8.com. We will LOVE seeing them tomorrow morning. Heck, take a picture of the kids and their loot when you pack it in tonight. I can't wait to see all the adorable kids and pictures.

What were some of your favorite costumes as a kid? I remember being a pumpkin, a California Raisin with some of my friends in Girl Scouts, a mime, and Princess Diana. I'd love to hear about your best costumes, your kids' costumes, and some of your best Halloween memories!  This time next year I'll have a little one and get to share in the kiddies' fun!

Happy Halloween, y'all!