Hunting accessories need to include ‘the book'

LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) – When you are getting ready for the hunt, a small but potentially important item in your gear should be the 2012-13 Hunting Guidebook of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

This is the interpretive summary of the AGFC's hunting regulations. It also has things like forms for permission to hunt on private land, forms for giving your game to someone else, deer tags and much more.

Game-checking can be done three ways – the call to 866-305-0808 or online at or the AGFC's iPhone or Android application. When you've finished checking your game, you'll be given a check number that must be recorded on the license. So make sure you have a pen ready.

Take a guidebook along. They are free and available all over the state. One in your pocket, backpack or vehicle could come in handy.

If you are an over-65 hunter, a 3-year disabled license hunter or a younger-than-16 hunter, write this number down and keep it in your billfold. The number is in the AGFC's Hunting Guidebook and is also on the game tags in the Guidebook. For others with wildlife conservation licenses or sportsmen's licenses, the number also can be found on hunting license tags.