Technology is available to ASU students

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- A grand opening took place on the campus of Arkansas State University onWednesday morning, as students lined up to check out the new IT Tech Storelocated on the bottom floor of Wilson Hall.

"We saw this as a wonderful opportunity,"Director of Technical and Support Services, Darla Fletcher, said. "To makeit so easy for students, faculty and staff to come to one place right in themiddle of campus, and get the technology they need, get the support theyneed."

Fletcher says they want to make sure students getwhatever they need to succeed. "We want to make sure we offer the besttechnology," Fletcher said. "We try to be as competitive as we can onour pricing and just have it right here. Some students don't even have a way toget out into town to get to other stores to buy their technology. So, having ithere, they can walk right over."

And the money earned from the store goes right back tothe students, as all the profits go into the student assistant program.

The store was designed as a source of information andsupport. "They can come here, not even to buy," Fletcher said."Just to come and talk to us to find out what's coming up, get theirquestions answered. We have a community space that anybody can go and sit,study, watch television. We're going to be expanding and promoting thatarea."

They offer Mac Books, PC's, IPADS, keyboards, Appleproducts and a wide variety of accessories.

The ASU IT Tech Store is open Monday through Fridayfrom 8 to 5. For more information about Arkansas State University, log ontothis website.

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