East Side Baptist Church in Paragould Celebrates The Fourth of July Together

July 4, 2004--Posted at 7:00 p.m. CDT

PARAGOULD--"What folks can expect this morning is just a big round of good old' American patriotism,"said East Side Baptist Church Pastor Greg Addison.

They got quite a show this morning.

Family and friends spent the holiday morning at East Side Baptist Church in celebration of the red, white, and blue.

"We know that the heritage of our nation is truly  founded on people seeking religious freedom,"said Addison.

Today's show included some history of Paragould and Greene County, singing, and of course a tribute to the men and woman overseas.

Jack Cox is a member of East Side Baptist Church.

"We would hope our service people would come out so that we may say thank you to them. The music we feel is excellent. We have an orchestra involved in the presentation. I think, for an hour, it would be a very enjoyable time for people to celebrate our  independence.

Linda McMurry is also a member of East Side.

"We have a visual to go along with our choir. A lot of children, and people of all ages will enjoy the show. It is just a wonderful program,"said McMurry.

Members of the church have been working tirelessly for months preparing for today's big show.

"Our music director Steve Cole started writing the show back in January. They have been working on the music since about February or March. The last several months or so they have really been practicing in earnest. Several rehearsals that last two and three hours long. Late evenings on Sunday nights after church so they have been working hard, and they are excited,"said Addison.

Of course people from Region 8, and across the United States proudly honor the spirit of the holiday.

Phillip Greer also attends East Side Baptist Church.

"The fourth of July just means freedom. I mean, what's going on in Iraq and things like that, and I just think it is a great blessing to be able to do what we do in this country,"said Greer.