Lower gas prices don't necessarily mean more money shelled out for Christmas

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With Halloween over, many across Region 8, willingly or not, now have their sights set on Christmas. However, according to residents we spoke with, lower prices at the pump don't necessarily mean shelling out more money on Christmas gifts.
Jess Hoggard knows the pain at the pump all too well, "I actually drive a lot for a living... so it's going to affect it quite a bit," Hoggard told Region 8 News. He said he can tell a difference when gas prices are low like they are now.
"When gas is like it is right now, it takes about $65 to fill up my tank, when it's $3.90, it takes like $80 bucks so yeah it makes a big difference," he explained. He said it not only makes a big difference in the money he puts out, but also the money he can put back for the holidays.
The same thing goes for Jim and CJ Johnson, who say between buying gifts for family members and saving up for a holiday trip puts a strain on their wallet.
"Well, we've dipped into savings," CJ explained. "But this year is looking better."
Jim said the money they put back after filling up is helping out with what they'll be spending on Christmas presents.
"Grandkids are one of the most important things in our lives so definitely gives us more money for the kids and grandkids," Jim told Region 8 News.
However, not everyone says paying less at the pump translates into paying more for Christmas gifts. Judd Luster and his fiance Rachel Carmack 
"Make stuff, homemade stuff. We're giving out hugs for Christmas this year," Rachel Carmack told Region 8 News.
Carmack and Judd Luster say it's not so much the Christmas GIFTS that lower gas prices will help with... but actually getting TO Christmas with their families.
"It helps a lot with it being lower. I mean, we've got family out of town and we have to go see both families for Christmas and so it helps a lot with it being $40 to fill up your tank instead of $65 or however much it is," said Carmack. 
Hoggard says regardless of what the gas prices are... his kids will still be happy come Christmas morning.
"They're gonna get a lot no matter what," said Hoggard.