Time Flies!

Today, tonight, and tomorrow morning are very busy for the television station. When we have these jam-packed, news-filled days time really flies. I actually fell asleep with CNN on last night and woke up around 10 thinking heard some of the national election results.  Ha! I was about a day early.  I, of course, had no issue falling back into a coma when I realized that mistake.

Time is quite the conundrum right now. So many people say, "Slow down, enjoy this pregnancy." Heck, who has the time? I enjoy the time at night to bond with baby, but there is not enough time in the day or energy! Time seems to fly by while I'm at work or when I'm involved in weekly service opportunities, but then it is also crawling by. I know that this hurried feeling will last probably for the next 18+ years! I promise, though, I am trying to enjoy the slower, quieter times when I can. I hope you are able to, as well.

Baby It Up, y'all!